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Fuqiang Zhao - 赵富强
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NEPHELE: A Neural Platform for Highly Realistic Cloud Radiance Rendering

Haimin Luo, Siyuan Zhang, Fuqiang Zhao, Haotian Jing, Penghao Wang, Zhenxiao Yu, Dongxue Yan, Junran Ding, Boyuan Zhang, Qiang Hu, Shu Yin, Lan Xu, JIngyi Yu

(Arxiv 2023)

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Human Performance Modeling and Rendering via Neural Animated Mesh

Fuqiang Zhao, Yuheng Jiang, Kaixin Yao, Jiakai Zhang, Liao Wang, Haizhao Dai, Yuhui Zhong, Yingliang Zhang, Minye Wu, Lan Xu, Jingyi Yu

(SIGGRAPH Aisa 2022)

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NeuVV: Neural Volumetric Videos with Immersive Rendering and Editing

Jiakai Zhang, Liao Wang, Xinhang Liu, Fuqiang Zhao, Minzhang Li, Haizhao Dai, Boyuan Zhang, Wei Yang, Lan Xu, Jingyi Yu

(Arxiv 2022)Preprint


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Fourier PlenOctrees for Dynamic Radiance Field Rendering in Real-time

Liao Wang*, Jiakai Zhang*, Xinhang Liu, Fuqiang Zhao, Yanshun Zhang, Yingliang Zhang, Minye Wu Lan Xu, Jingyi Yu

(CVPR 2022 Oral)Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

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HumanNeRF: Efficiently Generated Human Radiance Field from Sparse Inputs

Fuqiang Zhao, Wei Yang, Jiakai Zhang, Pei Lin, Yingliang Zhang, Jingyi Yu, Lan Xu

(CVPR 2022)Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

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MVSNeRF: Fast Generalizable Radiance Field Reconstruction from Multi-View Stereo

Anpei Chen, Zexiang Xu, Fuqiang Zhao, Xiaoshuai Zhang, Fanbo Xiang, Jingyi Yu, Hao Su

( ICCV 2021) International Conference on Computer Vision

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Editable Free-Viewpoint Video using a Layered Neural Representation

Jiakai Zhang, Xinhang Liu, Xinyi Ye, Fuqiang Zhao, Yanshun Zhang, Minye Wu, Yingliang Zhang, Lan Xu and Jingyi Yu

(SIGGRAPH 2021) ACM Transactions on Graphics(Proce. of ACM SIGGRAPH 2021)

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MirrorNeRF: One-shot Neural Portrait Radiance Field from Multi-mirror Catadioptric Imaging

Ziyu Wang, Liao Wang, Fuqiang Zhao, Minye Wu, Lan Xu, Jingyi Yu

( ICCP 2021) International Conference on Computational Photography

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NeuDim aims to substitute classical photogrammetry-based 3D/4D reconstruction with emerging neural approaches. It was incubated from the Visual Data Intelligence (VDI) Center at ShanghaiTech, by a group of fearless PhD students with various expertise on neural modeling, rendering, and tracking.

R&D Intern

I work as a part-time research and development intern at DGene Digital Technology Inc.


Ph.D Candidate

I now am a Ph.D candidate on computer vision research, advised by Prof. Jingyi Yu and developed a light-weight framework for rendering 3D dynamic humans from a six RGB cameras.


I obtained my B.E. in software engineering at China University of Petroleum and won honorable awards including:

  • Outstanding Graduates of China University of Petroleum 2020
  • First Prize of Shandong Software Design Competition 2018
  • National Inspirational Scholarship 2017,2018
  • Merit Student 2017,2018
  • Supervisors

    Prof. Jingyi Yu - Supervisor

  • IEEE Fellow
  • Program chair of ICPR 2020 and CVPR 2021
  • Executive Dean, SIST, ShanghaiTech University
  • Founder, DGene Inc.
  • Ph.D.'s degree, MIT, 2005
  • Skills

    Programming Languages